Advocating with Grace

New School Year

Storm has made so much progress in the last year, and looked forward to first grade all summer long. Now that he has been in school for almost two weeks, I figured I aught to give an update.

At the end of school last year, the kinder and pre-k classes had a graduation and awards ceremony. Unfortunately, I was on the brink of death with a nasty case of chicken pox. The Captain had shingles, and infected me with the disease of pain and itching. I had never been that sick in my life, and hope to never be that sick again. During that same time period my sweet beloved Corgi passed away of lymphoma. So a bright spot was the Captain coming home with Storm after his award ceremony, and showing me the award he received for “Wonderful Singer”. Mrs. T explained that he would randomly burst out in song during class, keeping his classmates and teacher amused.

Now he is in Mrs. B’s class, and he loves it. She is a very attentive teacher, and even printed out a schedule to tape onto his desk to help with transitions. I think he’ll have an excellent year.

Stay tuned for updates from our Disney World trip in September!


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